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Public Sector

Small and micro businesses form 95% of the economy.
As a potential supplier base they should not be ignored.
Local communities can be supported by trading locally.
Local economic targets can be acieved.

The PWL team includes public as well as private sector specialists with an enormous wealth of experience and credibility in both arenas. We are dedicated to bringing together a joint approach in building and sustaining local economies.


  • Tap into this innovation and cost-effective supply base
  • Work with small and micro business experts
  • Understand the SME operation and values, looking at structure and governance
  • Ensuring opportunities can be found and understood by business
  • Work with nationally recognised experts (Government and business) in micro business procurement issues
  • Demystifying and minimising the burearocracy - getting the right balance
  • Learn from best practice case studies how to deal with and encourage collaborative groups
  • Understand risk management approaches to the micro sector
  • Dealing with disaggregation
  • Effective Pre Qualification Questionnaires
  • Effective Tender preparation
  • Build effective contract policies
  • Creating effective communication and evaluation processes
  • Looking beyond the contract award to sustainable community impact assessment


  • Implementing Making Micros Matter© policies and best practice
  • Consultancy with public sector staff
  • Practical workshops bringing all sectors together, training programmes and "Meeting of Minds"
  • Meet the business event management
  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge bank via PWL Directors who are senior members of the Federation of Small Businesses and have led numerous successful events together with representation at Government level on procurement issues together with successful track records in bid writing.
  • Understand the local multiplier

Kent County Council has worked together with Big Solutions Ltd (a member of the PWL Consortium) on developing their concept, Making Micros Matter. I have been consistently impressed with the depth and clarity of knowledge and the innovative strategic thinking demonstrated by this company. The ability to bring together public and private establishments is no easy task and they have clearly demonstrated they have acce to critical parts of both sectors at all levels together with a wealth of original thought. NICK VICKERS
Head of Financial Services
Kent County Council


Making Micros MatterA project developed by PWL Partner Big Solutions Ltd working in collaboration with Kent County Council which set out an initial pilot looking at the potential for collaboration in micro businesses. In idenifying the critical success factors the sectors most valuable to this intervention were indicated and approached for participation.

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